In most cases you can ask us to ship your bottles. Whisky in cask can off course not be shipped. Also bottles marked with the red-crossed lorry can't be shipped, nor collected.  Do you have a portfolio that is managed by Scotch Whisky International? Than it is not possible to trade with bottles in your portfolio and you can't request to ship either.

Below the steps to ship the bottles.

Ship bottles in 4 steps

  1. Select the bottle(s) that you want to ship and click Ship.
  2. Choose Ship and check the delivery address.
  3. Confirm - The bottle is now visible in the Shipped/collected bottles (accessible via the menu on the top left).
  4. The bottle will be shipped to the delivery address within one week. You recieve a track & trace code by email.


Costs differ per shipment. This depends on the type of shipment, weight, value and destination. All bottles are shipped with insurance. Costs will be shown in the application.