It is free and open to anyone to open a whisky portfolio by registrating at this website. 

Please go to "registration" in the menu and fill the details as completely as possible.

NB: Your personal details will only be used for this purpose and will not be used for other purposes. 

How to register? 

1. Please go to and choose your preferred language at the topleft.

2. Register as a new client at the "registration" button in the bleu area.

3. If you are already registered, you can log in at the button "Login".

4. For your registration, you can choose between a private account (on your own name) or a business account (on the name of your own company). Please choose between "private" and "business".

5. Please fill in all requested information.

* Attention: all details marked with a start *) are mandatory.

* Details of your bank are not mandatory until you will sell or buy whisky. 

* Please fill in the name or code of your ambassador. If you don't have an ambassador yet, please send us an email, we will send you an ambassadors name and code. Please send us an email to

* This code is mandatory to obtain access to the exclusive list with casks of whisky in the Cask Management system.  

* Once all details are compete, please confirm. Within a few seconds you will receive an email with a link you need to confirm. Once confirmed, your registration is succesfully finished!

* You can now log in.