The majority of the bottles are tradeable and you can request these bottles to be shipped to an address within the EU (with the exception of Cyprus and Malta). These bottles are stored in the safe of the World Whisky Index.

Non claimable

Bottles with this logo are not claimable. This means that they can't be shipped. Bottles in this categorie can be found in your portfolio under the tab Non-claimable.

Can't see this tab? Then you don't have any bottles in this category.

Whisky in cask

In addition to trading in bottles, you can also trade in bottles which are not bottled yet. This means literally trading in whisky which is still maturing in a cask and has not yet been bottled. You take an option on the future value of the bottles from the cask on date of bottling.

Shipped bottles

Shipped bottles can only be seen in your whisky portfolio. These bottles were listed on the World Whisky Index in the past and have been shipped or collected.

OTC bottles

Over the counter (OTC) bottles are bottles that you have purchased outside the World Whisky Index and added to your portfolio.